Shri Gujarati Samaj is a large Educational organization dedicated to the cause of education. It represents, not only the city but entire Madhya Pradesh. A few entrepreneurs from Gujarati opened a small school at the Jail road in the year 1923 with 7 students. They opened the school keeping in mind that they will be in regular contact with Gujarati language and culture. Shri Manilal Baldevdas Parikh solved the problem of number of students and place. His efforts and charity made this small school primary in 1925 and middle in 1932.

Shri Manilal Parikh was a successful entrepreneur, financially sound and a spiritual person. His spirituality made him a person with a big heart. In 1942 to make this school a large organisation, seth shri Manilal not only gave Rs. 35000 but with his and his companion's joint efforts collected Rs. 1,80,000 from door to door.

These efforts became reality when in 1946 RRMB Gujarati High school was established and it became Higher secondary school in 1948. Shri Vallabh Bhai Patel's visit in 1948 to Indore filled Gujaratis with enthusiasm and they were engaged in the various development activities with a view to benefit all Indians. With the help of seth Shri Manilalji's in 1952 Inter College was established in which Science and Commerce were taught. In 1956 for service class night classes were started. In 1958 this College was made a degree College. With the support of seth shri Manilalji's wife Shrimati Chanchal Ben in 1957 CMP school was set up. Govt. gave a land on Maharani road to Samaj with a view to spread education. with Shri Bhailal Patel's and Shri Ambalal Patel's financial support in 1962 KB Patel Girls School was set uo on this land. In 1963 donor Shri Govardhandas Patel established Bal Mandir at Maharani road in the memory of his father Ghelabhai Nathabhai Patel. By 1970 due to increase in the working of the degree College, it was divided into independent divisions such as Science College, Arts, Commerce, Law College. In 1970 Post Graduate Classes were started in Arts department and similarly in 1974 post graduate classes started in Science College for Botany and Chemistry. In 1982 Gujarati Samaj started the first Girls Commerce College of the state at Indore named 'MKHS Gujarati Girls College' which is considerably donated by 'Matushri Kankuben Hirachand Sanghvi charitable trust'. Post Graduate Classes in Home Science and Commerce were started in 1983 and 1986 in this College.

Shri Gujarati Samaj established a woman's vocational training center in 1989 to cater the need of employment oriented education for woman.

Gujarati Science College was the first in the state to start the classes for Microbiology, Electronics and Computer Science at undergraduate level. The courses of Bio-technology and information technology were also started in this College.

Shri Gujarati Samaj has its another education complex at scheme no. 54 having a wide area of 12 acre. It was started in 1992 named 'Ajmera Mukesh Nemichand English medium school', Indore affiliated by CBSE. There is a big playground of 5 acre land behind Gujarati Commerce and Science College named as 'Sardar Patel ground'. Here there is a well equipped gym as well as all other sports facilities are also available.

Besides, traditional education, Gujarati Samaj has also entered in the field of Professional and Vocational Education. In 1999 'Homeopathic Medical College and Research Center' was established and similarly in 2001 ' The Institute of Professional studies was established in which MCM, BCA, BBA and MBA and other similar Professional courses were started. Both there institutions are in scheme no. 54 education- complex. Both the above colleges have been donated by the great donor Shri Ashok Patel, presently in America, in the memory of his parents. He has given the donation of Rs 43 lakhs for both the Colleges and the Colleges were named after his parents name 'Shrimati Kamlaben Ravji Bhai Patel Gujarati Homoeopathic College, Hospital and Research Center' and 'Ravji Bhai Gokalbhai Patel Gujarati Professional Institute'. All the teaching institutions run by Shri Gujarati Samaj are given linguistic minority status by the minority Commission, Madhya Pradesh.

Every seventh student of Devi Ahilya Vishvavidhalaya is of Gujarati college. At present Gujarati Samaj runs nine Colleges and six Schools imparting education to 24,220 Students and employing 1230 teachers and other employees. Shri Gujarati Samaj has given political leaders, ministers, I.A.S. officers and successful industrialists.

The great donor 'Deepchand Gardi Charitable trust Mumbai' has given a donation of Rs. 21 lakhs to Innovative College in the memory of Shri Jayanti Bhai Sanghvi and so the name of this College was changed as 'Shri Jayantilal Hirachand Sanghvi Gujarati Innovative College of Commerce and Science'. Since 2007-08 a new College named ' Shri Gujarati Samaj College of Pharmacy' has been started for which a donation of Rs. 21,000 was received from 'Nutanben Mansukhlal Turkhiya (Public trust) Mumbai' so the name of the College is changed as 'Shrimati Nutanben Mansukhbhai Turkhiya Gujarati College of Pharmacy. For easy transportation of students to and from the schools, Shri Gujarati Samaj has a fleet of 71 school buses.

Besides providing services in the field of education, Shri Gujarati Samaj has given a valuable contribution also, some of which are as under :-

  • 1. Guest House- In 1963 a guest house named as ' RR contractor Attithi Grah' just near to railway station. To cope up with the increasing pressure of the visitors coming from various parts of the country the guest house was shifted to a new building at Snehlataganj in the area of 8400 sq. feet. The new guest house is well equipped and furnished with from facilities. It has 20 ac rooms 2 common halls with lift facilities. It is given on rent for marriages and other programmes.
  • 2. Health Center- A health Center was started in the basement of the guest house . Many of the Gujarati families are benefited by this center at a nominal annual fees of Rs. 120 per person. This center is full equipped with modern equipments.

Under Homoeopathic college, in the city 8 outlets are set up for the patients where free medical facilities are given. Last year, 17276 males, 29759 females and 6568 children were given treatment. In this manner 53603 patients were benefittted by this facility. From time to time for the exchange of culture and language different activities are organized. Under this exchange drama and music related to Gujarati language are organized in which Gujarati artists perform their talents. Shri Gujarati Samaj gives financial support to women for self reliance and they are given free training of tailoring and free sewing machines are distributed. Till now 1030 women have been given training and distributed sewing machine.

Apart from these facilities, the facilities stated below are also important :-

  • 1. Shrimati Naliniben Bhogilal Shah library
  • 2. Shrimati Rukmaniben Deepchand Gardi charitable trust →Ambulance facility
  • 3. Shri Gujarati Samaj Hearse facility (Mortuary van)

"The motto of Shri Gujarati Samaj is to serve the society self lessly".

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