To develop character commandership, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country. To create a human resource of organized trained and motivated youth to provide leadership in all walks of life and always available for the service of the nation. To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the armed forces. To achieve above aims cadets are trained all respects of life so that they can serve the nation in future as the best soldier and a good human being weekly parade.

Along with military subject like field craft, battle craft, adventure activity, patrolling, map reading etc, training is also given on subjects like quality of leadership, duties of good citizen, and social subjects like brotherhood, communal living, environment and important information related to various social problem like dowry, leprosy, aids, poverty, common dieses, plantation, water saving, pollution, primary education and public awareness and training is also given on methods of solving these problems as well as methods for arousing public awareness.

Consequently, besides giving out standing soldiers it would develop better personality of the cadets and their could be social growth along with the security of the country.

In this respect, programme and rallies are organized by N.C.C battalion college N.C.C unit and by the cadets.

Tree Plantation, Blood Donation, Adult Education, No Smoking, Cleaning of Surrounding, School Primary Health, Traffic Control, Checking of Ration, Eye donation Pledge, Anti Leprosy, Anti Dowry and First Aid Camps are the extension activities of NCC which are organized at center of adopted village bichloi mardana and at different places in the city.

N.C.C organized a cleanliness and adult education drive as a part of a NCC Camp. Cadets cleaned the streets of their adopted village bichloi mardana. They also educated the villager’s elders and taught them to read, write and sign their name. The local population also coordinated with cadets. The drive was lead by lieutenant Sanjay Bhavsar.

unit organized massive social activities at adopted village bichloi mardana for the improvement of drainage system, road construction / maintenance of village roads construction saving, preserving water adult education etc.

lecture on “Importance of Blood Donation? by Dr. Anil Joshi, incharge, Blood Bank M.Y. Hospital Indore .

Blood Donation Camps were also organized during camps and NCC day celebration week. Cadets and officers donate blood in the blood donation camp which was organized with the support and guidance of Dr. Anil Joshi.

Eye Pledging of cadets conducted by Dr. Ashok Temble of Eye Department of M.Y. Hospital .

“Thalesemia Carrier detection? lecture were conducted by Dr. Rajesh Bansal .

Lecture was conducted by Dr. Arun Agrawal Cancer Surgeon of Gokuldas Hospital ,Indore on “Oral Cancer?.

Reallies were also organizedon different social problems like AIDS ,Corruption ,Dowry and on awareness for all like National Integration, energy conservation, Population, Water Problem and Environment. The following lecture were also conducted :

  • Garbage Recycling? by Prof. Rakesh Trivedi ,PMB Gujarati science college ,indore.
  • Tringa Abhiyan “ by Shri Ravi Atroliya, Inspector Indore Police .
  • Civil Defense? by Coy Cdr. Ram Chandra Dave,Disrict Home Guard,Indore.
  • Child Marriage “ by Prof. Pramod Bari ,Govt. Arts And Commerce College ,Indore
  • Hygiene and Sanitation?by Dr. Mitesh Agrawal Skin Spel.Geeta Bhavan Hospital,Indore
  • Importance of Physical Exercise? by Dr. B.K.Sethi Cardiologist.
  • Defense as a Career ? by Col. S. Soni .
  • Role of Youth in Civil Defense ? by Coy. Cdr. M.S. Rajput ,District Home Guard ,Indore.

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