The main aim of National Service Scheme is to develop personality through social service. Every student perform different tasks for himself and of his own interest, but this is his duty to have a soft corner and awareness about some social issues and current problems of society which he finds everywhere in day to day life. The National Service Scheme is a central and state government joint scheme which was established with the objective to create a social awareness among the youth.

This scheme is merely 45 years old which had started in the whole country in 1969 on the eve of birth century of the father of nation mahatma Gandhi. In every college and professional institute it is compulsory to run at least a N.S.S unit in their institute as per directions framed out by by Madhya Pradesh state Higher Education Department. Our institute has been running a N.S.S unit since its foundation has been laid.

This unit has been running by the fund allotted by the university Devi Ahilya Vishvavidhyalaya. Prof. L. D. Gokhale was the first program officer of National Service Scheme unit of the institution. At present concerning university grants every year Rupees 8,650 for conducting routine programs in the campus and 2 camps of one day. Rupees 22,500 for conducting seven days rural camp are given. Besides, it our parental society Shri Gujarati Samaj also allots Rupees 5,000 every year for conducting the above programmes and activities

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