In sports, the College students have Won prizes and awards on national and international level.

Our college has been the winner for the last 31 years at the district level. Body building competition, organized by our university. Similarly our college has retained the running trophy of power lifting competition for so many years. The students showing the best performance in sports are given the following facilities :-

  • 1. 3 additional books from library.
  • 2. installment facility in the payment of fees.
  • 3. Concession in fees.
  • 4. Sports kit and trek-suit.
  • 5. Training by NIS Coach.
  • 6. Cash prizes.

The College has its own well equipped gym and a play ground where the facilities for the following games are available

There is a badminton court and also table-tennis court with wooden flooring.

The interested students in these sports activities are given guidance by the sports officer Shri Chandrakant Holkar who has been coach for the body building and weight lifting team in the university. Here it is important to note that our college is the only College in the state where platform of (4x4) and 3 sets of Elico for weight lifting are available in the gym.

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